The Story of the Heir of Scars Begins

"For a time, the world caught its breath..."

The Heir of Scars I is currently available as a series of eight novellas in Kindle format. Click the images or links below to find a detailed description of each novella, or to find on Amazon.

Ghosts of Heiland - Heir of Scars, Part One

An epic story begins with one misstep...

Ghosts of Heiland


From the Amazon Reviews...


“I love books that pull you into their pages without remorse for what you leave behind. This is one of those books.”


"An air of mystery and intrigue drawing the reader into a world almost familiar.”


"Allow yourself to be fully immersed into the life and the world the Author creates . . . I can't imagine what reading the whole series will do to me.”

Walls and Ashes - Heir of Scars, Part Two

Returning home, an exile and an enemy...

Walls and Ashes

From the Amazon Reviews...


“On the edge of my seat with every page.”


“Jacob Falling has clearly developed a three-dimensional world in his imagination and is able to masterfully convert it to paper for a reader.”


“Again the Author has surpassed my expectations in this book . . . a well rounded and full adventure that you won't want to miss . . . You feel as if you are watching a movie within your mind . . . Amazing how immersed you become in this story.”

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Mobility of Pawns - Heir of Scars, Part Three

Games of kings and games of pawns...

Mobility of Pawns


From the Amazon Reviews...


“Stunningly beautiful in its construction. The relationships, the nuances, the life lessons, the development of personality (and you watch her personality AS it develops, which is so uniquely lovely!) all bring light to to this incredibly multifaceted girl and to the story itself.”


“This book is done so incredibly well that this story in itself could be a stand alone book and still be a fantastic read.”

Blood Bonds - Heir of Scars, Part Four

An exile comes of age...

Blood Bonds

From Goodreads and Amazon Reviews...


“As this story unfolds, you feel as if you are truly walking with Adria.”


“I am still overwhelmed by the magic and beauty of the White Wolf Legend.”


“Every time I read one of the books from this series I think the Author can not possibly pull me further in or move me more with his words . . . He has opened up a world that I would truly love to be a part of. Introduced me to a people that I would find joy and happiness to be with.”

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Oathbound - Heir of Scars, Part Five

New enemies and the oaths of a stranger...


From the Amazon Reviews...


“The depth of the story line and the characters he has created are simply amazing.”


“It is a story of betrayal and honesty. A story of making and breaking of promises . . .  I found myself reading what was written and thinking wow these are words that you wish our leaders of today would speak. Words of understanding and truths that show why we are where we are today. And you will ask yourself, am I fully in control of how I am living or has it all been orchestrated?”

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Dance and Echo - Heir of Scars, Part Six

Beyond the lands of birth and exile...

Dance and Echo

From Goodreads and Amazon Reviews...


“I couldn't put this story down and I was so surprised when it ended as I only intended to read a few pages.”


“The development of Adria is anything but fantasy. She grows in depth and breadth, but not in predictable ways . . .

Dance and Echo brings the reader into the depths of existence, the journey we are all on, and the way in which we choose to engage in our lives and with the world in which we live.”

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Divided Minds - Heir of Scars, Part Seven

A divided mind can only defeat itself...

Divided Minds


From the Amazon Reviews...


“It really builds on the foundation of the story.”


“We actually are growing with Adria as she learns not only how to become a Runner [and] Hunter but life lessons as well.”

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Hunters of Men - Heir of Scars, Part Eight

How a story ends... and new story is born..

Hunters of Men


From the Amazon Reviews...


“The characters come alive on the pages as the battle scenes play out, where arrows puncture wood and flesh along side you.”


“The author once again transports the reader into his world of Morandia.”

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The Epic Story Continues...