Divided Minds - Heir of Scars, Part Seven

Divided Minds


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“We actually are growing with Adria as she learns not only how to become a Runner/Hunter but life lessons as well.”


“[Divided Minds] really builds on the foundation of the story”

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The Story of Divided Minds

Adria Rain

Adria has become a Hunter among the Aesidhe, and finds herself caught between the plans of her uncle Preinon with his Hunters in Rows, and the Runners she has long hoped to join.

The Knights of Darkfire begin to maneuver and work against them in ways even Shisha, the Holy Woman of the Runners cannot predict, and Preinon, the Runners, and the Hunters are only just able to protect the Aesidhe camps along the shrinking borders--and more often only aid them in retreat.

The Aesidhe are losing, and many believe that Preinon's leadership is failing. Adria must choose her loyalties, even as she gains a deeper understanding of her own body, heart, and will to fight the unclear evils of her world. 

*   *   *


From Divided Minds...


Mateko was quiet, typical for when they were beyond the relative safety of a camp, but he watched her to see her reactions, and she allowed herself to show them, and after a few minutes spoke herself.


Have you ever slain a man, Mateko?” she asked, just loud enough for the words to cross the distance.


He nodded, smiling grimly to show his empathy. “Some, yes.


Adria nodded along with him, kneeling beside a stump where a patch of wood violets already bloomed.


Does it get easier?” she asked hopefully, dreading the answer.


He knelt down beside her, and she could tell he wondered if he should touch her or not. But he remained still as he thought about it, despite her attempts to will him to do so. Finally he nodded. “It does. I wish it did notbut it does.


She understood his meaning, and it brought her some comfort. She cleared overgrowth and snow from around the violets, smiling a little at the obvious symbolism, wondering, Do I look for such things, without even thinking?


When she raised her head, her eyes were blurred a little. At the far end of the clearing, upon the snow and in the shade of the treeline, she saw the shape of a wolf, it's fur unmistakably pale.


“Mateko...” she whispered, but even as she blinked her tears away, the figure was gone.


*    *    *


Can you run with us?


Adria swallowed and closed her eyes, taking her own measure. She breathed, and felt the blood course to the ends of her fingers and toes, even as her head lightened. But she knew there was little time to think, and it would make little difference to her answer.


I will run. If I am swift, there will be two more arms to serve the People. If I fail, and fall behind, I will make my own way, and welcome you with arms when you return.