The World of Morandia


"The War of Scars is over. Our war has only just begun..."

-Matron Sariel

Nations and Geography

Four Flags


In the wake of the War of Scars, nine nations struggle for power on the two continents of Erentis and Numinon.


The two greatest among these, The Empire of Somana and the Kingdom of Kelmantium, suffered the most in the war, and other nations rise to power where the reach of these two great nations fails...

Cultures and Language

Morandia Cultures


While the boundaries of the nine nations are redrawn by politics, by marriage, by war and by gold, the boundaries between the Morandian races, cultures, and languages are far more difficult to map.


Aeman, Somanan, and Kelman... Aesidhe, Moresidhe, Wenish, and Ieru... Different colors, different tongues, and different beliefs define an ever-changing world within and beyond the borders of rulers and scholars.




The people of Morandia are myriad. Families and dynasties, tribes and kingdoms, armies and lone travelers color and cross both continents and nine nations.


Emperors, Matriarchs, and warlords carve their names into stone, are inked across maps: Pentaros, Idonea, Scalaros. Others names are known only in whispers, forgotten except in local tavern tales and firelight camps: FireHeart, Kessen, Nomothet...


Even the forgotten leave their mark upon history...