Blood Bonds - Heir of Scars, Part Four

Blood Bonds

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“As this story unfolds, you feel as if you are truly walking with Adria.”


“I am still overwhelmed by the magic and beauty of the White Wolf Legend.”


“Every time I read one of the books from this series I think the Author can not possibly pull me further in or move me more with his words. Then to my utter amazement I finish the book and see he once again has accomplished just that! He has opened up a world that I would truly love to be a part of. Introduced me to a people that I would find joy and happiness to be with.”

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The Story of Blood Bonds


Adria Idonea has come of age, not as a knight in her father's court, but as an outsider among the Aesidhe. Though she does not yet know their tongue or fully understand their ways, she begins to find her place among them in the wake of a legend, the White Wolf Woman who she so seems to resemble, and so like the wolf she followed into the wilderness a year before.

It is time for the Runners to leave, for her uncle to leave, and Adria to make her own way, and to begin to understand the legacy she is left and the memory of her unknown mother.

Water filled with stars, voices and images of unknown faces, and the blood which binds a child to her mother, to her name, to a fate yet unknown.

Will Adria become a woman of the Aesidhe, or take her place as Princess of Heiland and scion of Idonea?

*   *   *


From Blood Bonds...


The fourth woman offered Adria a knife, which was not unlike those the hunters carried, though its markings were different. “I give you the knife of a Woman of the People. This knife may skin the hunter’s fish or animal, to provide food for the People. This knife may even end the life of an enemy. Like the fire, it may harm, or it may protect. It may heal and give life. It is both the danger and the opportunity of life—the hardships you may bear, in war or starvation, and the way to survive them both. May it protect you and all our People. And may you bear it, and yourself, in honor, through any trials.”


And Adria took this and raised it to her head, as she had seen others do with a gift of war. The blade was new, a beautiful steel, and Adria wondered how the Aesidhe produced such blades, for she had not seen a forge among them. The woman gave her a sheath to go with it, and Adria joined them and placed them with the other gifts.


*    *    *


She breathed in the cool thin air, nodded slowly, and resolved her will to a moment's peace.


Images came. Air filling sails... a feeling of flight... hands or arrows breaking the surface of water. And then smoke, and fire, and a woman in red with bare feet on the grass, almost dancing. Some imaginations, some memories.


Palmill... Adria thought. And... something more...


And she knew, even as she opened her eyes to the violet curtain whipping like a banner or a loosed sail against her father's shutters.


“I will join my brother,” she said. “It has been decided.”