Mobility of Pawns - Heir of Scars, Part Three

Mobility of Pawns

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“This book is done so incredibly well that this story in itself could be a stand alone book and still be a fantastic read.”


“Stunningly beautiful in its construction. The relationships, the nuances, the life lessons, the development of personality (and you watch her personality AS it develops, which is so uniquely lovely!) all bring light to this incredibly multifaceted girl and to the story itself.”

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The Story of Mobility of Pawns


In three years Adria has come full circle, and now she must face the changes that have occurred during her exile. She returns for the sake of her brother, Prince Hafgrim, but it is for her father, the king, she is now most concerned. Are the rumors of his illness--or worse, his death--true?

Hawks and doves still war among the battlements of Windberth, Knights still drill within the citadel courtyard, but behind the walls of the keep itself, something dark awaits.

Memories of Adria's life at Windberth stir, and the reason she left three years before is revealed. But did she truly understand the reason herself?

Is Adria's life her own to live, or has it already been decided for her?

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Adria 13

From Mobility of Pawns...


“It is not necessary to win. The game is at its best when neither side wins, when each new move restores order and balance.”

Adria nodded. “So the ending of the game should always be a... stalemate?”


“Exactly.” Her father, surprisingly, not only nodded at her question, but even smiled a little, and met her eyes with his own—all of this a rare sign of appreciation. Adria grew warm with pleasure. Maybe winter wouldn’t be so bad. Father continued, “Or, when both players are wise enough to see that a stalemate will happen, they can agree that the game is finished.”


“Can they do the same when they both know who will win?” Adria wondered.


“Absolutely,” he smiled wider. “And save some of their pieces.”

Adria laughed. He was remembering their earliest games, when she had hoped to save them all. As they continued, a greater question occurred to her.


“Father,” she began slowly. “If this is so… if the best game is one of perfect order, and the best players already know what the ending will be… why do they play at all?”


*    *    *


“Understand now that there are worlds beyond the one we see each day,” Taber continued. “Worlds where angels and demons wage war for the souls of the dead and the living, worlds where the past and the future are woven together, where what will be can be remembered, and where what once was may yet be changed.”


“These are the worlds of the One-Who-Will-Come,” Adria said, intending a question, but not wanting to reveal either faith or disbelief in her tone. These were things she already half-knew from her lessons, and yet… the wording was altered. Taber seemed to be telling her something a little more.