Oathbound - Heir of Scars, Part Five


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“The depth of the storyline and the characters he has created are simply amazing.”


“It is a story of betrayal and honesty. A story of making and breaking of promises. One that will take you into a world that so resembles what is going on in our own world at the moment both politically and as a society. I found myself reading what was written and thinking wow these are words that you wish our leaders of today would speak. Words of understanding and truths that show why we are where we are today. And you will ask yourself, am I fully in control of how I am living or has it all been orchestrated?”

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The Story of Oathbound


As Adria begins to find her place among the Aesidhe, the arrival of a strange visitor threatens her place within the tribe, and leads her uncle, Preinon, to set the Aesidhe on a new path.

Arrows fly, time slows, fire rages, and Adria begins to understand her purpose a little more, even as the seeds of doubt are sown.

*   *   *

Failed Plans

From Oathbound...


“Somehow, Tabashi, I am guessing that you have a message for me, despite what you would claim as your primary occupation?”


He nodded, with another barely perceptible smile. “Yes. I come with a warning, and it is this: not all of the Aesidhe are wise enough to defend all the People. There are those who have given themselves to the enemy for small or great promises.”


“Traitors?” Adria blinked, not certain if she believed this. It contradicted everything she knew of the Aesidhe. She looked around, then, to see who might be nearby, and was surprised to find no one. They’re avoiding him, she thought, worried. And then she remembered why she had not been in the camp, and was now only there on special permission. Or... avoiding me. A woman’s blood is Wild Medicine—the Moon is unpredictable.


Tabashi nodded solemnly at her question as her attention returned. “There are betrayers who believe that these Aeman promises are equal to those of the Aesidhe.”


Adria breathed this in like a smoky air. Her eyes burned, her insides, to think that this might be true.


*    *    *


Adria floated, lingered, her body and her memory half in water, half in air.


She held her breath as long as she could, but it didn't seem to matter.


Know that the arrow will follow the path of your eye. As soon as the shaft is loosed, look to your next target, for the last is already dead.


She released her breath, and an arrow took flight.


One, and then far too many.


Flames danced from rooftop to rooftop. Smoke followed fog upon the water, through a great wheel turning and burning into ash, and again she held her breath.


Ash spread along the forest edge, circled campsites, mingled with ground stone and painted the faces of Hunters.