The Heirs of Scars Are Many

"The War of Scars is over...

...our war has only just begun."

Spires and Mountains - Heir of Scars II, Part One

From their citadel towers and broken peaks...

Spires and Mountains


About Spires and Mountains...


From among the tallest trees, an Aesidhe Hunter watches fire and smoke fill the horizon. Within an island tower, the general of a stolen legion surrenders, victorious. And within the walls of a mountain city far from her home, Adria Idonea awaits her assassin.


The journey of one heir continues, and the stories of many are begun.


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Crossroads and Counsellors - Part Two

The exiled, the hunted, and the imprisoned follow new paths

Crossroads and Counsellors


About Crossroads and Counsellors...


Though they journey within different lands, through different challenges, and in different times, the heirs of scars each find themselves on new roads, facing new decisions, and fighting new struggles.


Counsel comes from unexpected persons, aid in unexpected places, and secrets long kept begin to unravel.


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Coin of the Fathers - Part Three

There is always a price for freedom, for glory, for love

Coin of the Fathers


About Coin of the Fathers...


Who know what difference a sliver of silver or a face stamped in gold can make?


There are tolls on every road, coins in both palms, and the heirs of scars begin to understand the thin line between sacrifice and reward.


Sometimes a single coin can change a life forever.

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Valleys and Alleyways - Part Four

The hidden struggles of the world lay in the deepest places

Valleys and Alleyways


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Vanishings and Victories - Part Five

The strongest memories are often of the lost

Vanishings and Victories


About Vanishings and Victories...



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Ceremonies of Death and of Life - Part Six

Celebration or sorrow, surrender or revenge

Ceremonies of Death and of Life


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Trials of Water, of Air, and of Fire - Part Seven

We are judged the most severely for what we fail to love

Trials of Water of Air and of Fire


About Trials of Water, of Air,

and of Fire...



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Arisen, Scarred, Fallen - Part Eight

It has all been decided

Arisen Scarred Fallen


About Arisen, Scarred,




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The Epic Story Continues In Heir of Scars III...