Hunters of Men - Heir of Scars, Part Eight

Hunters of Men


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“The characters once again come alive on the pages as the battle scenes play out where arrows puncture wood and flesh along side you.”


“The author once again transports the reader into his world of Morandia.”


"This book is a great addition to the story and I can't wait for the next one to come out!"

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The Story of the Hunters of Men

Hunter of Men

The time for maneuvers has ended, and the time for war has come. While Adria still struggles to find her place between the Runners and her uncle Preinon's new Hunters in Rows, the one leading the enemy Knights of Darkfire makes a swift and dangerous move, allowing Preinon to lead his army into battle for the first time.

Though Preinon has built a small but strong force, other friends and allies among the Aesidhe do not stand with him, and Adria is forced to choose between two different battles, two very different ideals... and those she loves.

Upon the sea, Adria's thoughts of assassins are set aside by a more immediate danger. Adria, Hafgrim, Elias, and all aboard the Echo must come together when they are challenged by the ship of an unknown enemy with a particularly dangerous weapon.

*   *   *



From Hunters of Men...


 “There is something I have been wondering...” she began.They sat beside each other—close, but not so close that anyone gave them knowing looks. Adria had learned that lesson quickly.


Tell me what you wonder,” he said. They watched the fire or others around it as they spoke, though she liked to look at him whenever his eyes turned away. But now, she had more serious thoughts.


Strangely, Adria only then knew what she was going to say. She pictured her tent flap opening into sunlight, and...


Last night I dreamed of fire, and of smoke, and of falling into water.”


He blinked several times, and looked away into the fire.


I understand... she realized. I cast my bow into...


You... saw the last Sun Dance,” she continued aloud, nervously. He did not react with alarm, so she continued. “You were there when my father came with his hunters, at the first great slaughter of the People. You swam across a lake where arrows fell, and if you turned and looked back, you may have seen Fire Heart himself die upon my father’s sword, upon the Holy Tree. You... might have seen the flames, and the smoke...


It is true,” Mateko nodded sadly, glancing her direction briefly, then back to the fire.


So then I must ask you, Mateko…. do you want revenge?

He drew his knees up and rested his chin upon them thoughtfully, nodding as he considered her question.


What is revenge?” he asked finally, frowning and turning to meet her eyes. “Does it mean I should kill? Whom should I kill? There were... so many soldiers... How many should I kill? How many would be enough? I have hated your father, it is true. I have feared the Others. But I would not become one of them to destroy them.


*    *    *


Tonight, we are Hunters...


  She stood among flames, unburned.


Tonight, we are Runners...


  She wandered through smoke, yet breathed.


Tonight, we are Hunters of...


  She fell into water, and gray ghosts gathered around...