Aesidhe - The native people of Heiland; darker skinned and mostly organized into nomadic tribes, they mostly inhabit the forests of central and southern Heiland; now under threat by Aeman encroachment and the Knights of Darkfire. 


Others (Tiniya)- Aesidhe name for the Aeman; usually considered a term of reproach, and not typically used for an Aeman respected or loved by an Aesidhe.


Wilding Ghosts - Myth used to frighten Aeman children, often associated with the Aesidhe or their Runners.

Hunter - An Aesidhe who hunts for the tribe and may serve as a warrior; considered a term of respect.


Meniste- Title for a Hunter of the Aesidhe (neuter form); plural: Menisteya.


Runners - Metehãloweye (Aesidhe: Those Who Run); a group of Hunters, scouts, and protectors of the Aesidhe; informally led by Preinon Idonea and Shísha.


Mechushegi - a Holy person among the Aesidhe; refers to either a male or female; plural: Mechushegiya. Female form is Lichushegi; male is Kochushegi.


Mewashemesitibopi - Aesidhe who have left the tribal cultures and settled in Aeman lands; literally: “They Went to the Cities.”


One Great Spirit - Source of all life for the Aesidhe; not a personified god, but recognized most accurately as the source of all natural cycles.


Spirit Helpers - Spirits believed by the Aesidhe to carry prayers to their ancestors.


Trickster - An Aesidhe spirit, believed to often test or prank the unwary, though not maliciously; sometimes used to describe children with similar qualities.


Seven Ceremonials/Rites - Rituals give to the Aesidhe by their First Mother, Spider Woman, and the White Wolf Woman.


Spider Woman - Known also as the First or Great Mother, she brought the first of the Seven Ceremonials to the Aesidhe, according to their legends.


White Wolf Woman - Woman from Aesidhe legends who teaches marriage, mating, and female-oriented rituals to the Aesidhe. She originally took the form of a winter wolf, a rare animal which is consequently revered by the Aesidhe.


Hopawecheteya - The Sweat Lodge ceremonial of the Aesidhe, believed to cleanse the body and spirit.


Sun Dance - A Sacred Ceremonial of the Aesidhe that is no longer practiced.