Creators of the Heir of Scars


Jacob Falling
Jacob Falling - The Author

Jacob Falling is the author of the Heir of Scars series of fantasy novels, which is most likely something you have already surmised.


When he's not writing, he enjoys musical composition, amateur game programming, web design, and long walks by the lava fields (or magma, technically, when roaming listlessly through the antediluvian halls of his underground sanctuary).


Although he was reportedly hatched in an undisclosed hyperterranean location, Jacob was raised in a hyperbaric bell jar just outside of Roswell, NM, a period he now refers to as an "internment." He now resides in Chicago.


Despite a public school background, Jacob speaks reasonably fluent English, and somewhat less fluent Aesidhe.

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Vanessa Bettencourt
Vanessa Bettencourt - Artist

Born in the topcastle of a galleon during a crucial battle of the Conquest of Tunis, Vanessa Bettencourt is the last in a long line of Portuguese privateers.


Orphaned in her infancy and marooned on the Island of Crete, she was raised by the twin unicorn minotaurs, Galinha and Polvo, who respectively and respectfully taught her the arts of writing and painting.


After escaping the glitter-strewn labryinth of her adoptive mythos, she returned to Lisbon, as so many did in those days, to study Kendo and acupressure.


Vanessa is the official artist of the Heir of Scars series, and is also hard at work on a number of other projects, which she'll reveal as soon as the Curse of Silence invoked by a leprous leprechaun in Liepzig expires.

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