The New Heir of Scars Site

Welcome to the new Official Heir of Scars Website!


There have been so many things happening with the series this summer, but mostly behind the curtain.

  • New Trailer - You'll notice the new trailer for the series on the front page... check it out! Also, like the video and the new Youtube Heir of Scars Channel.
  • 2nd Edition - The first eight novellas of the Heir of Scars series are being re-released for Kindle on Amazon, with new covers, maps, and index of characters, and a guide to the Aesidhe language (for the uber-geeks).
  • Heir of Scars, Part Nine - Spires and Mountains, the newest release in the Heir of Scars series, continues the stories of Adria, Mateko, Preinon, and Shisha... but adds many new storylines and characters. Morandia is... a much larger world... Available very soon!
  • The new site (obviously) - You'll find tons of new material, new art, notes on the languages and cultures of Morandia...

Have a look around... We will be adding much more content to the site in future!