Spires and Mountains - Names

Adria Idonea – Princess of Heiland; daughter of King Ebenhardt Idonea, niece of Duke Preinon Idonea, and elder sister of Prince Hafgrim Idonea; also known among the Aesidhe as Likshochuhalene (Lilene), Lozheskisiyama (Lózha), and Pukshonisla (Púksha).


Aeland – Island off the eastern coast of Heiland and north of Somana; historically contested by both nations, recently conquered by renegade Somanan Legions.


Aeman – The people who have settled or conquered much of Heiland, Pentaros, and the Northlands; typically fair of hair, skin, and eyes; politically considered the rightful people of Heiland by other nations, and presently ruled the House of Idonea.


Aesidhe – The native people of Heiland; darker skinned and mostly organized into nomadic tribes, they mostly inhabit the forests of central and southern Heiland; now under threat by Aeman encroachment and the Knights of Darkfire.


Alcuin, Master – Counsellor of the Imperial family in Somana; teacher of Alexander and Marcus Pentaros.


Alexander I Pentaros – Emperor of Somana and head of the Pentaros Dynasty; husband of Artima and father of Katarine, Mirran, and Marcus Pentaros; recently deceased.

Ames – Prince Hafgrim Idonea’s squire.


Amuria – Region of Somana renowned for its wines.


Amurian – Adjective form for Amuria.


Apaetrius, Consul Magistrate – Current civilian head of the Somanan Senate; shares Senatorial governance with the Consul Praetor.


Apentius, Magistrate – Former Somanan Magistrate of the Church of Gestral; chief Canonite in Erentis; deceased.


Appia’s Way – Great boulevard in Somana (City) which leads from the westernmost gate to the Forum and Imperial Palace.


Artima Pentaros, Queen – Wife of Emperor Alexander I Pentaros, mother of Katarine, Mirran, and Marcus.


Awaking Season – Translation of the Aesidhe term for the spring months, beginning with the first thaw.


Belen – A lord from Pentaros history and legend.


Belen, Lay of – Poetical legend regarding Belen and a young Aesidhe woman.


Beneta – A small mountain town in northwestern Kelmantium; the first port of call when approaching from northern Erentis.


Blood Beads – Beads given by Aesidhe Elders to Hunters who have slain someone in defense of the Aesidhe People.


Bondman/Bondswoman – Although slavery was strictly legal until recent years in Somana, the Empire officially abolished slavery under the rule of Emperor Alexander I; though all slaves were technically freed by law, a special designation of Bondperson or Bondsperson was established as an indentured class; the majority of Somana slaves became Bondmen or Bondswomen.


Canonites of Gestral – Title for the followers of Gestral, god of one of the Nine Temples before the War of Scars.


Centurion – Officer rank in the Somanan military above Legionnaire.


Chatechushotome – “Fire Heart”; an Aesidhe Hunter slain at the last Sun Dance by King Ebenhardt Idonea.


Chief Prosecutor – Temporary title given to a military consul or magistrate tasked with judgment of a capital crime.


Chosen Daughter – Aeman translation for a term of endearment one gives a girl who is not one’s natural child.


Chosen Father – Aeman translation for a term of endearment one gives an older man who is not one’s natural father.


Chosen Mother – Aeman translation for a term of endearment one gives an older woman who is not one’s natural mother.


Chosen Son – Aeman translation for a term of endearment one gives a boy who is not one’s natural child.


Chúgoye – Familiar form of Mateko's child name, Chúgoyétokoe.


Chúgoyétokoe – “Falls from Trees”; Mateko’s child name; familiar form: Chúgoye.


Consul Magistrate – Chief civilian officer of the Somanan Senate.


Consul Praetor – Chief Military officer of the Somanan Senate.


Coronation Day – The day that Alexander Pentaros was proclaimed Emperor of Somana; a holiday now celebrated annually in Somana.


Criseda, Sister – One of three Sisters chosen as Sisterhood ambassadors with Prince Hafgrim’s delegation to Kelmantium.


Dark Fire (of Heiland) – Name for Ebenhardt Idonea which gave the Knights of the Sisterhood their name; given to Ebenhardt Idonea because of his use of a fire during the War of Scars which could burn upon the water and had a dark hue.


Darius – A prominent figure in the Somanan underworld.


Deri – Name of Darius as a child.


Devil – General Aeman term for an evil spirit or unseen force.


Divide, The – Mountain range dividing Eastern from Western Erentis; portions of the range are named separately within different nations, such as the Greyward Mountains in Heiland.


Domed Chamber - Informal name of the Senate chamber at the Forum of Somana; named for its beautiful and unusual dome.


Ebenhardt Darkfire – King of Heiland; father of Adria Idonea and Hafgrim Idonea, and younger brother of Preinon Idonea.


Echo, (The) – An Aeman ship commissioned by Heiland for a delegation to Kelmantium; captained by Captain Falburn, Josson as Chief Mate.


Edward, Sir – A Knight of Darkfire with the Kelmantium delegation.


Elias, Sir – One of the Knights of Darkfire on the mission to Kelmantium; befriended by Adria.


Elwynd High – Highland nation south of Heiland; mostly populated by Aeman or Aeman-like peoples, but with their own language, Wenish.


Emoni, Novitiate – Sisterhood Novice who serves the Sisters upon the mission to Kelmantium.


Enga – Wife of Nikolus of Beneta.


Epta Tredalem – Conquering Sun; Somanan term for one who transcends as a commander of men.


Erentis – Western continent of the known world of Morandia.


Falburn, Captain – Captain of The Echo.


Fire Heart – An Aesidhe Hunter and leader slain at the last Sun Dance by King Ebenhardt Idonea; also, the Aeman name for Adria's bow, which is named after him.


First Republic – The first Somanan Republic was formed more than two-thousand years ago, though in actuality was a Kelmantium governing body; it set the precedent for the Great Republic, which followed the Kelmantium/Somanan split eight centuries ago.


Gestral – Hand of the Land, of Earth and of Stone, of Iron and of Steel; god of one of the Nine Temples prior to the War of Scars.


God (of the Sisterhood) – Unlike the Nine Gods of the Temples in prior generations, the God of the Sisterhood is a singular supreme ruler, transcendental and formless, but personified by the One-Who-Comes, a human believed to herald the end of all wars and an eternity of peace; the use of “God” is colloquial, and the Sisterhood stress that the deity has no actual name.


Golden Rod – A Somanan symbol of high military office, traditionally held by the Consul Praetor, but now claimed by Imperial authority.


Hafgrim Idonea – Prince of Heiland; child of Ebenhardt Idonea and younger brother of Adria Idonea.


Heiland, Kingdom of – Nation of the northernmost area of the continent of Erentis in the world of Morandia.


Hollow One – A mountain at the far east of the Steps of Amos.


Holy Beads – Beads awarded by Holy Ones or Elders to Aesidhe for acts of great compassion or sacrifice.


Hunter – Title for an Aesidhe who hunts for the tribe and may serve as a warrior; considered a term of respect.


Hypernius – First Consul Magistrate of the Great Republic of Somana.


Hypernius, Canal of – Great canal which runs to either side of Appia’s Way through central Somana City.


Idonea, House of – The present ruling family of Heiland; King Ebenhardt Idonea united all of Aeman Heiland during the War for Union, just after the War of Scars.


Ieru – The people and language of Ierusca; alternatively: Jeru, Yeru.


Ierusca (alternatively Jerusca or Yerusca) – Southwestern region of Erentis; politically ruled by Somana, but often a source of rebellion; the Ieru have a very distinct culture, peoples, and political structure; the lands of Ierusca are mostly deserts, plains, and steppes.


Ieruscan – Adjective form for things originating from Ierusca, though not its people or language; alternatively: Jeruscan, Yeruscan.


Jarron – Bodyguard to Marcus and the Pentaros family.


Josson – Chief Mate of The Echo.


Katarine Pentaros (Alexandre) – Elder daughter and eldest child of Emperor Alexander I and Queen Artima Pentaros.


Kelman – The people of Kelmantium.


Kelmantian – The language of Kelmantium.


Kelmantis, City of – Capital of Kelmantium, built upon the shores of a great lake in eastern central Numinon. Once the largest city in Morandia, it is now second to Somana.


Kelmantium – Major nation of Numinon, the eastern continent of the known world of Morandia; The Kingdom of Kelmantium was the seat of power for the Nine Temples before the War of Scars, and many of its lands were most affected by the war and the fall of the temples.


Kirlin Gerard, General – Former Knight Captain of the Knights of Darkfire; commander of the rogue legions who captured Aeland in the name of Somana.


Knight (Brother) – Lowest Knight of Darkfire rank.


Knight Captain – Knight of Darkfire rank above Knight Sergeant, which is above Knight (Brother).


Knight Sergeant – Knight of Darkfire rank above Knight and below Knight Captain.


Knights of Darkfire – Military order of the Sisterhood and Heiland; often referred to in Heiland simply as Knights, but distinguished from the Heiland feudal hierarchy rank of knight; considered officers of the Heiland military and representatives of the Sisterhood.


Legionnaire – Lowest ranking officer of the Somanan military; although often considered common soldiery, they are afforded special considerations and may become full Somana citizens.


Lichushegi – Aesidhe title of Holy Woman; female form of Mechushegi.


Lilene - Short form of Likshochuhalene, Adria Idonea’s child name among the Aesidhe.


Likshochuhalene – Adria Idonea’s child name among the Aesidhe; literally: Gold Pales in Sunlight.


Lózha – Short form of Lozheskisiyama, Adria Idonea’s adult name among the Aesidhe.


Lozheskisiyama – Adria Idonea’s adult name among the Aesidhe; literally: Walks Two Webs.


Magistrate – Title of office for Somanan civilian authority; serve roles similar to mayors or judges, but are not considered military.


Marcus Pentaros (Alexander) – Only son and youngest child of Emperor Alexander I and Queen Artima Pentaros.


Mateko – An Aesidhe Runner and Hunter; friend and companion to Adria during her time with the Aesidhe.


Mechushegi – a Holy person among the Aesidhe; refers to either a male or female; plural: Mechushegiya.


Meynard, Sir – One of the Knights of Darkfire upon the Kelmantium mission; has one useless hand and fires a crossbow.


Mirran Pentaros (Alexandre) – Younger daughter and child of Emperor Alexander I and Queen Artima Pentaros.


Morandia – The known world; a shared Kelmantian/Somanan term borrowed by Aeman people as well.


Moresidhe – A rarely-seen race of people who sometimes serve as traveling merchants.


New Peace – A contract made by nobles of Heiland to allow settlement of Heiland to some Somanans; helped define the current borders of Heiland and end a Somanan occupation, but would not unite the nation until Ebenhardt Idonea’s War for Union, two generations later.


Nikolus – An innkeep in Beneta.


Northlands – Archipelago north of Numinon; populated almost entirely by Aeman; seafaring cultures.


Northland(s) Sea – The sea east of Heiland and north of Numinon.


Numinon – Eastern continent of the known world of Morandia.


Onadim – The Flowering; fourth month of the Somanan calendar.


One – Shortened form of “One-Who Comes”; used colloquially, sometimes as an oath.


One-Who-Comes – Figure in the Sisterhood faith believed to herald the final wars which will end all wars.


Osenne, Sister – One of three Sisters chosen as Sisterhood ambassadors with Prince Hafgrim’s delegation to Kelmantium.


Others – Aesidhe name for the Aeman; usually considered a term of reproach, and not typically used for an Aeman respected or loved by an Aesidhe.


Palmill – An Aeman town in Heiland on the frontier of the forest inhabited by the Aesidhe.


Palmill, Massacre of – A battle between Aeman soldiers and Aesidhe warriors which ended in the destruction of Palmill village.


Pentaros – Nation of Erentis south of Heiland; population is a mixture of Aeman and Somanan peoples; nominally a part of the Somanan Empire, but currently in a state of rebellion led by King Michael Pentaros; also, the ruling house of Somana.


Plebians – Working class of Somana; though not Citizens, they are represented in the Senate by elected officials.


Praeteor – A high military rank in Somana.


Preinon Idonea - Elder brother of King Ebenhardt Idonea of Heiland and uncle to Adria; once Duke of Idonea and Warden and Marshal of the Violet West; currently in exile among the Aesidhe; known among the Aesidhe as Watelomoksho, he is the informal leader of the Runners.


Propolus – City at the southernmost border of Heiland, near both Elwynd High and Pentaros; significant Somanan population; historically contested with Somana.


Púksha – Short form of Pukshonisla, Adria Idonea’s Hunter name among the Aesidhe.


Pukshonisla – Adria Idonea’s Hunter name among the Aesidhe; literally: Follows the White Wolf.


Runners – Metehãloweye (Aesidhe: Those Who Run); a group of Hunters, scouts, and protectors of the Aesidhe; informally led by Preinon Idonea and Shísha.


Sealed Scroll – A Somanan symbol of high civilian political authority, traditionally held by the Consul Magistrate, but now claimed by Imperial authority.


Second Tier – Somanan state of emergency; second highest of four levels, said to be named for the four steps leading up to the Senate.


Senate – Governing body of the Empire of Somana and the Republic of Somana prior; Senators are Citizens elected or appointed from across the Empire and from various levels of Somana society.


Shísha – A blind Holy Woman (Lichushegi) of the Aesidhe; advises and informally leads the Runners alongside Preinon Idonea (Watelomoksho).


Sister – Member of the Sisterhood; also used for a specific rank within the Sisterhood.


Sisterhood – Religious order based in Heiland; all members are female, and guided by the Matriarch, currently Matron Taber.


Sitre – Companion and biographer of Darius of Somana.


Small Camp – A camp considered somehow secondary to an Aesidhe tribal camp.

Small Sea – The sea between southern Erentis and Numinon.


Somana, City of – Capital city of Somana, in southeastern-most Somana/Erentis. Seat of power for Somana Imperial, civilian, and military authority.


Somana, Empire of – Nation which spans most of the continent of Erentis in the world of Morandia; considered the most powerful nation in the world; it comprises a number of cultures and smaller nations, and is currently governed by Emperor Alexander I Pentaros and a representative bicameral Senate.


Somanan – Term for both the language and people of Somana.


Starbrow – Adria’s mount for the trip to Kelmantium.


Stefopolus – Family cat of the Pentaros family in Somana.


Tabashi – A Moresidhe merchant, often called Watemezi by the Aesidhe.


Taber, Matron – Currently the Matriarch of the Sisterhood and Chancellor of Heiland; second in power only to King Ebenhardt Idonea.


Tabrius, Legate – Senior officer to Kirlin Gerard in the conquest of Aeland.


Tainábe – Aesidhe term for a state of awareness, almost like daydreaming.


Thirty Brothers’ Brew – An ale made by former monks in the mountains near Beneta in northwestern Kelmantium.


Tiffan, Sister – One of three Sisters chosen as Sisterhood ambassadors with Prince Hafgrim’s delegation to Kelmantium.


Tiraccius School – A school of art in Somana in the last period of the Great Republic.


Twyla – Daughter of Adria’s nursemaid, Kaye, and maid to Adria after Kaye’s death.


Violet West – The area of Heiland west of the Greyward Mountains; historically a separate nation from Heiland, was brought under rule by Ebenhardt Idonea and administered for years thereafter by Duke Preinon Idonea.


War for (Heiland) Union – Ebehardt Idonea’s successful war to unite Heiland after the War of Scars.


War of Scars – War which occurred a generation before, primarily in Kelmantium, which ended the primacy of the Nine Temples and caused great destruction and political changes across Morandia.


Watelomoksho – Preinon’s name among the Aesidhe; it is a truncation of a phrase which means, “he wars with his brother.”


Werdstan Mountains – Mountains in northern Heiland stretching east from the Greyward Mountain range; Windberth is built in the far east of these.


White Wolf Woman – Woman from Aesidhe legends who teaches marriage, mating, and female-oriented rituals to the Aesidhe. She originally took the form of a winter wolf, a rare animal which is consequently revered by the Aesidhe.


Windberth – Capital city and citadel of Heiland, built high atop Mount Chancer in the Werdstan Mountains in the north; seat of power for the House of Idonea, the Sisterhood, and the Knights of Darkfire.


Wolt, Sir – Captain of the Knights of Darkfire on the Prince’s delegation to Kelmantium.


Woman in Red – An unnamed woman who appears at the village of Palmill as Adria arrives.


Yakseanitáo Holobeya – “Rest of the Valley-Keeper”; Aesidhe name for the Steps of Amos, a mountain range in East Central Heiland; the Hollow One lies among them.