Ghosts of Heiland - Names

Adria Idonea - Princess of Heiland; daughter of King Ebenhardt Idonea, niece of Duke Preinon Idonea, and elder sister of Prince Hafgrim Idonea; also known among the Aesidhe as Likshochuhalene (Lilene), Lozheskisiyama (Lózha), and Pukshonisla (Púksha).


Aeman - The people who have settled or conquered much of Heiland; typically fair of hair, skin, and eyes; politically considered the rightful people of Heiland by other nations, and presently ruled by the House of Idonea.


Aesidhe - The native people of Heiland; darker skinned and typically organized into nomadic tribes, they mostly inhabit the forests of central and southern Heiland; now under threat by Aeman encroachment and the Knights of Darkfire.


Anna - Hafgrim Idonea’s nursemaid as a child.


Chasebatu - An Aesidhe Runner; often leads the Runners in song.


Chatechushochugloka - Name given by the Aesidhe to Adria’s bow; literally: Fire Heart of the Black Tree.


Chosen Mother - Aeman translation for a term of endearment one gives an older woman who is not one’s natural mother.


Ebenhardt Idonea - King of Heiland; father of Adria Idonea and Hafgrim Idonea, and younger brother of Preinon Idonea.


Elwynd High - Highland nation south of Heiland; mostly populated by Aeman or Aeman-like peoples, but with their own language, Wenish.


Erentis - Western continent of the known world of Morandia.


First Arrow - Present given to a young Aesidhe woman when she reaches her maturity; intended to later be given to her potential husband as a betrothal gift.


Ghost Dance - A Sacred Ceremonial mentioned by Shísha as a future practice.


Hafgrim Idonea - Prince of Heiland; child of Ebenhardt Idonea and younger brother of Adria Idonea.


Healer - Aeman translation for a term of respect typically given to those with healing knowledge and ability, usually but not always skills of a Mechushegi.


Heiland, Kingdom of - Nation of the northernmost area of the continent of Erentis in the world of Morandia.


Highreach - Largest city of Heiland; often considered the capital before the construction of Windberth.


Hollow Path - The sea west of Heiland; its name is based upon the Aesidhe name.


Hunter - Title for an Aesidhe who hunts for the tribe and may serve as a warrior; considered a term of respect.


Idonea, House of - The present ruling family of Heiland; King Ebenhardt Idonea united all of Aeman Heiland during the War for Union, just after the War of Scars.


Ierusca (alternatively Jerusca or Yerusca) - Nation southwest of Heiland; politically ruled by Somana, but often a source of rebellion; the Ieru have a very distinct culture, peoples, and political structure.


Imani - Young Aesidhe woman of the Shíme Okshowaniya; friend and confidant of Adria.


Kaye - Nursemaid and governess of Adria Idonea as a child.


Kelman - The people of Kelmantium.


Kelmantian - The language of Kelmantium.


Kelmantium - Major nation of Numinon, to the east of Erentis across the sea.


Knights of Darkfire - Military order of the Sisterhood and Heiland; often referred to in Heiland simply as Knights, but distinguished from the Heiland feudal hierarchy rank of knight.


Lichushegi - Aesidhe title of Holy Woman; female form of Mechushegi.


Lilene - Short form of Likshochuhalene, Adria Idonea’s child name among the Aesidhe.


Likshochuhalene - Adria Idonea’s child name among the Aesidhe; literally: Gold Pales in Sunlight.


Lózha - Short form of Lozheskisiyama, Adria Idonea’s adult name among the Aesidhe.


Lozheskisiyama - Adria Idonea’s adult name among the Aesidhe; literally: Walks Two Webs.


Mateko - An Aesidhe Runner and Hunter.


Mechushegi - a Holy person among the Aesidhe; refers to either a male or female; plural: Mechushegiya.


Mélitali - An Aesidhe term of endearment for a child who is not naturally one’s own; refers to either a girl or a boy.


Mewashemesitibopi - Aesidhe who have left the tribal cultures and settled in Aeman lands; literally: “They Went to the Cities.”


Morandia - The known world.


Moresidhe - A rarely-seen race of people who sometimes serve as traveling merchants.


Náme - An Aesidhe child looked after by Imani and Adria.


Northland(s) Sea - The sea east of Heiland.


Northlands - Islands east of Heiland and north of Numinon; populated almost entirely by Aeman; seafaring culture.


Numinon - Eastern continent of the known world of Morandia.


Others - Aesidhe name for the Aeman; usually considered a term of reproach, and not typically used for an Aeman respected or loved by an Aesidhe.


Palmill - An Aeman town in Heiland on the frontier of the forest inhabited by the Aesidhe.


Pentaros - Nation of Erentis south of Heiland; population is mostly a mixture of Aeman and Somanan peoples; nominally a part of the Somanan Empire, but currently in a state of rebellion led by Michael Pentaros; also, the ruling house of Somana.


Preinon Idonea - Elder brother of King Ebenhardt Idonea of Heiland and uncle to Adria; once Duke of Idonea and Warden and Marshal of the Violet West; currently in exile among the Aesidhe; known among the Aesidhe as Watelomoksho, he is the informal leader of the Runners.


Púksha - Short form of Pukshonisla, Adria Idonea’s Hunter name among the Aesidhe.


Pukshonisla - Adria Idonea’s Hunter name among the Aesidhe; literally: Follows the White Wolf.


Runners - Metehãloweye (Aesidhe: Those Who Run); a group of Hunters, scouts, and protectors of the Aesidhe; informally led by Preinon Idonea and Shísha.


Shema Ihaloa Táya - Prior name of the Shíme Okshowaniya tribe; literally: They Watch Birds Walk.


Shíme Okshowaniya - Current name of the tribe Adria and the Runners often camp with during the winter; literally: We Survive.


Shísha - A blind Holy Woman (Lichushegi) of the Aesidhe; advises and informally leads the Runners alongside Preinon Idonea (Watelomoksho).


Sisterhood - Religious order based in Heiland; all members are female and are guided by the Matriarch, currently Matron Taber.


Sister - Member of the Sisterhood; also used for a specific rank within the Sisterhood.


Somana, Empire of - Nation which spans most of the continent of Erentis in the world of Morandia; considered the most powerful nation in the world; it comprises a number of cultures and smaller nations, and is currently governed by Emperor Alexander I Pentaros and a representative bicameral Senate.


Somanan - Term for both the language and people of Somana.


Spirit Helpers - Spirits believed by the Aesidhe to carry prayers to their ancestors.


Sun Dance - A Sacred Ceremonial of the Aesidhe that is no longer practiced.


Taber, Matron - Currently the Matriarch of the Sisterhood and Chancellor of Heiland; second in power only to King Ebenhardt Idonea.


Tainábe - Aesidhe term for a state of awareness, almost like daydreaming.


Violet West - The area of Heiland west of the Greyward Mountains; historically a separate nation from Heiland, was brought under rule by Ebenhardt Idonea and administered for years thereafter by Duke Preinon Idonea.


Werdstan Mountains - Mountains in northern Heiland stretching east from the Greyward Mountain range; Windberth is built in the far east of these.


Wilding Ghosts - Myth used to frighten Aeman children, often associated with the Aesidhe or their Runners.


Windberth - Capital city of Heiland, built high atop Mount Chancer in the Werdstan Mountains in the north; seat of power for the House of Idonea, the Sisterhood, and the Knights of Darkfire.


Zhehomikhhoapoehhe - A Hunters’ End Camp; considered the last camp of a season of hunting or of war, before the Hunters return to their tribe(s); usually celebratory.