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Current Projects Update

Several Heir of Scars novel and game projects are in the works. Details on all will be forthcoming, but here are some brief details...


Heir of Scars II


Although there has been some time since the last release, Heir of Scars II will continue with Coin of the Fathers.


(Spoiler alerts for those not current with the story!)


These chapters will continue Adria's journey in Kelmantium, the land where the War of Scars began. In Heiland, Mateko and Preinon must rally the Runners in the wake of disaster, and with Adria no longer among them. And the plot lines in Somana continue to grow, with Marcus and the Pentaros family struggling to maintain their power, Kirlin Gerard coming to terms with his imprisonment, and Darius tracing his own rise to power as he makes plans to maintain it.


The Red Vestal


The Heir of Scars has given us many characters, detailing many of their histories in Heir of Scars I, Heir of Scars II, and the future books in the series. But there is one person fully deserving a separate novel entirely.


The Red Vestal will detail one such story, and promises not only to illuminate the events of The Heir of Scars, but also to serve as another entry point to the series apart from that of Adria Idonea.


I'm very excited for this project. A full first draft is nearly complete, so more announcements will be coming very soon.


Be safe and well,




New Cover for Ghosts of Heiland

I'm very excited to have a beautiful new cover for Ghosts of Heiland, the first part of Heir of Scars I.


Adria is at a turning point as the series begins, and Vanessa Bettencourt captures the feeling of isolation, even other-worldliness so well here.


I am hard at work on new Heir of Scars projects, as well. Watch out for some exciting announcements in the coming weeks!




New Release: Crossroads and Crossed Swords

Hello, everyone!


Crossroads and Crossed Swords is now available for Kindle. Check out a preview on the left.


This is a very exciting part of the storylines began in Spires and Mountains -- or in Book I, for Adria...


The Imperial throne of Somana remains empty. While the heir's family plot to maintain their power, forces within and beyond the city plot against them.

In the wake of his victory, Kirlin Gerard is stripped of his titles and cast into the underworld of the Imperial arena to live or die by his skills, his will, and the fickle whims of the Somanan elite.

The Aesidhe tribes of Heiland must make a choice in the face of an even greater threat. Do they at last begin the Long Retreat the elders have long spoken of? Mateko, Shisha, and Duke Preinon Watelomoksho must offer the counsel, the wisdom, and the arms of the Runners, to whatever fate remains them.


And as Adria Idonea walks a strange land, hunted by assassins, she makes a discovery that will cast her history as an Aesidhe against her future as the Heir of Heiland.


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