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Ghosts of Heiland on Amazon


Ghosts of Heiland, the first part of the Heir of Scars Series, is free for Kindle this weekend at Amazon. Now's your chance...


From reviewers:

“I love books that pull you into their pages without remorse for what you leave behind. This is one of those books.”


"I'd expected to take about a week or two to read this book, but I finished it in a day."


" air of mystery and intrigue drawing the reader into a world almost familiar."

Spires and Mountains on Amazon


One week only... Spires and Mountains, the first part of Heir of Scars II, will be discounted at $0.99 Sun-Tue, then $1.99 until Saturday.




Adria held his gaze, knowing he would now be unable to lie. “How great a sin is it, do you believe, to murder a Prince of Idonea?”


There was a pause between them, but he still did not understand. Calmly, he reached forward to take her mug, but she pulled it close.


“Forgive me, Highness,” he swallowed. “But I believe you have had a little too much to drink.”


“Answer me,” she whispered. There were no other sounds beyond their words and breath. These could be my last moments… “Say it. I will know you lie as surely as I have before.”



His mouth was open, mute, as he turned back his face to the heir of Idonea. “There are far greater sins, Your Highness, beneath every oath I have sworn and broken, and within my heart.”


Adria had already drawn the blade from her boot. She could not even remember having done it.


Novel Reads


Also free for the weekend... Novel Reads is a monthly eZine which features interviews with Independent authors and reviews. November's issue features an interview with me (Jacob Falling, author and your host here today). Check it out... free for the next few days!


I'll also be featuring the interview here in a week or two...  -Jacob